Kenyan youth absorbed in maritime opportunities

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The  government has opened up employment opportunities for youth in the maritime industry months after the industry  risked collapse.

Speaking  after  three days of vigorous interviews for the job openings in Mombasa on Thursday, Nancy Karigithu, the Principal  Secretary Shipping and Maritime revealed that over 2000 job opportunities will be available for the youths every  year.

She  confessed that the challenges that had affected sea faring risking its collapse a few months ago had been resolved, hence the new entity with renewed vigor to spur the shipping industry to greater heights.

Karigithu  said  the  youth are the majority in the country and energetic at their prime time of their lives, hence the
country and other countries need the human resource to work and lead descent lives.

“We are building a new sea farers authority and these young people you see here are going to be our future. These young people are going to be our sea ambassadors in other countries connected by ports,”said the PS.

Karigithu  expressed confidence in the over 100 candidates who had managed to impress the recruitment team adding that those who are going to get the jobs will diligently perform their duties as the ones already in the industry.

She  revealed  that the batch of sea farers that was recruited in December had performed well earning themselves promotions hence the need to recruit more to take up new positions in the fast growing maritime industry.

“The  ones  who went in December are going on extremely well and we have had very good reports on their performance and in fact all of them have been promoted.” said the PS

She  said now that the platform is up and running to showcase Kenyan sea farers, the country has a display window to  showcase what the country has, “young people who are good at what they do.”

Karigithu said  they  had  a  conversation  with  the  new  recruits  and  told  them of the responsibility they have to be  ambassadors for the country and their brothers and sisters because Kenya wants the employers in the maritime industry to come back for more.

“We  want  them to perform so well that even other shipping lines will only seek to employ Kenyan sea farers,” said the PS.

She  advised  the  recruits  to focus on their wellbeing and ignore negative politics that are likely to incite them against the new platform like previously witnessed.

“Your  lives  are  more important, leave politics to politicians. Grab this opportunity and embrace it as a union to better  your  lives and those of your dependants.” said the PS

The  PS said the remaining over 100 recruits will get employment which had no favouritism, nepotism or friendship terms during recruitment.

“It  is  your qualifications based on merit, skills and character that will enable you get the available positions.” She

remarked  as the intensive interview entered the third and final day at Mission to Seamen Institute in Mombasa yesterday.

By  Joseph  Kamolo

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