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Kenyans keen on the Government’s Performance, TIFA Says

TIFA Research, an African based full market research company, has released the results of a poll conducted to critique the performance of the Kenya Kwanza Government between the months of March and June.

Kenyans have been keen on how the ruling party has been executing their mandate 10 months after the Kenya Kwanza government took over the leadership mantle which prompted TIFA to conduct a research countrywide and compiled the second report on the views of citizens towards the government’s progress.

Different opinions and views have been felt across the country especially after the hike on the cost of living.

The report indicated that the Kenya Kwanza government, besides having some failures, has achieved a tremendous average score of 30.8 per cent from the citizens which equates to a mean grade of C+.

“Besides the current economic hardships, the Kenya Kwanza Government succeeded in stabilizing the cost of fertilizer and launching of the Hustler Fund,” said TIFA Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Maggie Ireri

According to the report, citizens have noted Interior Cabinet Secretary Prof Kithure Kindiki as the best performing in the Kenya Kwanza’s government ministries with a score of 34 per cent. Education CS Ezekiel Machogu and Health CS Susan Nakhumicha followed closely with a mention of 7 per cent and 6 per cent respectively.

Ireri expressed concern on the decline in the popularity of the CSs in the government noting that the unpopularity is a sign that the CSs are either not working or they are not seeking their works to be known to the public.

“Most of the Cabinet Secretaries have not been mentioned yet they had been vocal during the campaign for their nomination. This could be possible that they don’t need their work to be known or they are not doing any work,” Ireri reiterated.

Irrespective of the citizens’ political affiliations, she continued, 56 per cent of them believe that the ruling party is not fulfilling their campaign promises which is attributed to the drastic rise of the cost of living in the recent months.

She added that the deterioration in the country’s economy has also been voiced by the citizens.

From the report, Ireri revealed that 25 per cent of the citizens who believe that the government is on the right track of fulfilling their campaign promises do not have their reasons unanimously as everyone has a variety of ideas.

“Kenyans who perceive the country’s performance as ‘wrong’ have their reasons as unanimous, in contrast, the responses obtained from those who stated that Kenya’s direction is ‘right’, fail to give a concrete response,” she maintained.

By Enrica Amisi and  Ali Sheikh Mohamed

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