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Kenyans urged to plant trees during the on-going rains

Kenyans have been urged to take advantage of the on-going rainy season to plant more trees so as to restore the eco-system and mitigate the effects of climate change.

According to Sarah Anupi, Founder of Planet Plus Kenya, a Non-Governmental Organization focused on environmental conservation, trees play a key role in restoring biodiversity, improving air quality and addressing climate change impacts such as drought and flooding.

Speaking in Naelepo Tegong Girls’ High School during a tree planting exercise, Anupi noted that the pro-longed drought recently witnessed in the country was as a result of climate change, caused by environmental degradation.

She called on all Kenyans to plant trees at their homes, work places, schools and institutions and nurture them to maturity so as to promote forest cover and reverse the adverse effects of climate change.

“In line with President William Ruto’s initiative that aims to plant 15 billion trees by 2032 and attain 30 percent tree cover, I urge all Kenyans to plant at least 300 trees in their homes, public institutions, schools and workplaces.” said

Anupi further called on the youth to be at the forefront in environmental conservation activities by establishing tree nurseries which will also generate an income and enable them to be financially independent.

According to Daniel Timoi, the school’s Board of Governors (BOG) Chairman, rampant tree felling for charcoal in Kajiado County has contributed to serious environmental destruction.

Timoi called on all schools in the area to embark on tree planting activities in their compounds so as to promote forest cover and help restore the environment.

“Tree felling and charcoal burning is rampant in the county and this has contributed to the drought recently witnessed. I am urging all schools to plant trees in their compounds and nurture them to maturity so as to mitigate effects of climate change,” said Timoi.

Pauline Kirimi, the school’s Principal, appealed to well-wishers to help them in drilling a borehole at the school so as to ensure that the trees planted were well taken care of.

Kirimi revealed that the school has no reliable water supply and they are forced to buy water from local vendors which is costly.

During the tree planting exercise, over 5000 tree seedlings of different species were planted at the school.

By Rop Janet

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