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Kenyans urged to plant trees to mitigate climate change

Kenyans have been urged to plant and nurture trees to maturity to mitigate the adverse effects of climate change.

According to Kajiado Environment and Land Court (ELC) Presiding Judge Maxwell Gicheru, the current drought witnessed in several parts of the country is as a result of climate change, caused by environmental degradation.

Speaking in Kajiado town during a tree planting ceremony to commemorate 10 years since the inception of the ELC court, Gicheru emphasized the importance of planting trees in order to conserve the environment.

“We are witnessing adverse effects of climate change caused by environmental degradation. Planting of trees and conservation of the environment will aid in mitigation of the effects of climate change such as drought,” he said.

He further noted that the establishment of the ELC court has ensured that Kenyans get justice as there is no longer a backlog of land and environment cases in courts.

“Before the establishment of the Environment and Land court, land cases used to take years. We now have judges countrywide to resolve land dispute, thus avoiding the backlog of cases that was previously witnessed,” said Justice Gicheru.

Environmental and Land Courts in Kenya were established in 2012 to hear and determine disputes relating to the environment and the use and occupation of land.

There are 37 ELC stations spread across the country with 53 judges assigned to them. The ELC in Kajiado was established in 2017 and has two judges.

Ernest Kithuka, a representative of the Law Society of Kenya, urged all Kenyans to conserve the environment for posterity.

Kithuka noted that tree felling and charcoal burning in the county is rampant and this has contributed to the drought currently being witnessed.

He urged all residents to plant trees to promote tree coverage in the country.

Over 25 different species of seedlings were planted in three Primary schools in Kajiado town during the event.

Kajiado Township Primary Deputy Head Teacher Josephine Mureithi revealed that it was important to teach children at a younger age the importance of environmental conservation.

Mureithi noted that climate change affects everyone and pupils must be taught how to protect and conserve the environment for posterity.

By Rop Janet

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