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Kenyans warned against buying ‘hustler’ narrative

The Democratic Party of Kenya (DP) national chairman Mr. Esau Kioni has warned Kenyans against buying the ‘hustler versus dynasties narrative’ saying it will plunge the country into political violence.

“The so-called hustlers will believe that those who have wealth got it fraudulently and that narrative will actually destroy this country,” asserted Kioni.

Speaking at Mahiga ward, Othaya Sub County in Nyeri County, Kioni noted that politicians should cease from speaking about the rich and poor, but should instead talk about individuals without generalizing.  “Even in my clan I have a dynasty and is very poor and this is a very dangerous narrative if it is taken that far,” the chairman maintained.

The politician at the same time appealed to Mt Kenya leaders to come together and chart the destiny of the region.  “I appeal to leaders in Mt Kenya region to sit together and talk to each other and not at each other,” he said.

Kioni called on leaders to respect and listen to each other in order to come up with a road map for the future of the region.  He added that the region has competent leaders only that they had not emerged adding soon they would come out and sit with leaders from other regions to chart the destiny of the country.

The DP national chairman said his party had not taken a stand on the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) adding they are waiting for publication of the report to read the contents.

Kioni however said as an individual he fully supports the BBI as it contained many benefits to Kenyans and especially the Mt Kenya region.  He cited devolving more resources to the counties and ensuring equal and fair representation.

Kioni rubbished claims that Mt Kenya region is not supporting the BBI adding that people are yet to be sensitized on the contents of the document.

By Mwangi Gaitha


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