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Kenya’s Vision 2030 to benefit from new technologies

Kenya’s  long-term development framework, Vision 2030, has received a technological boost from Oracle Kenya, an integrated technological company.

The technology company launched a series of technologies, which will contribute to implementation of the country’s long-term development approach.

The  Oracle  top  management stressed their commitment to help Kenya achieve its strategic socio-economic and political objective, through modern technology as highlighted in the Vision 2030 agenda.

The  Company Managing Director, David Bunei stated that digital transformation is a key priority for Kenya’s public and private sector entities as organizations look to deliver transparent services to the citizenry.

Speaking  during the International Modern Business event held in Nairobi on Friday, Bunei  added that digital revolution would drive business growth with high returns on investment.

“Our aim is to introduce new products and deliver exceptional customer experiences in the highly mobile and digital economy in the future,” said Bunei.

During the ocassion the company top management showcased its latest digital solutions to top business executives and government leaders.

The MD said his company will deliver incredible amount of innovations to its local customers including the Oracle Autonomous Database, Al embedded Business Application and the Generation 2 Cloud infrastructure.

Further, Bunei explained the company is enabling the existing technology to be automated using the latest technologies such as artificial intelligence to be able to self-protect in terms of security and automate simple processes.

“The new innovations will allow our customers to focus on their businesses with no disruptions to the technology that they have invested in, provide sufficiency and lower the cost of operations,” he said

The innovations, he added, will increase global competitiveness because with the new technology businesses will be able to sell and market their products all over the world on online platforms.

Oracle has over 1000 customers across East  Africa who use their technology in large, small and medium enterprises that cut across different sectors in the economy, mainly agriculture.

“Some of the applications that are critical to the agricultural sector trace transportation and packaging of the products that require to be documented in a digital manner so that the users can be able to trace them anywhere in the world,” Bunei said.

By  Rosebell  Njega

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