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Kericho Inmates Receive Donations from Kenya Red Cross

Inmates from the Kericho Medium and the Kericho Women’s Prisons have a reason to smile after the Kenya Red Cross Society gifted them with basic items for their daily use.

The prisoners from the Women’s Prison some of whom have children below the age of 4, received shoes, beddings, and clothes for their day-to-day lives in their home away from home.

Speaking to KNA, Kericho County Red Cross Coordinator Siphia Tuei said the distribution of the basic items was occasioned by the fact that a majority of the inmates lacked enough day-to-day items to use while in prison.

“We received the donations of basic items such as clothes from well-wishers within Kericho County and we decided to gift the men and women in prison,” explained Tuei.

She encouraged people of goodwill to continue donating clothing and bedding items for the less fortunate persons within Kericho County as a gesture of humanity, saying that no matter how big or small, acts of kindness make a huge difference in people’s lives

“We believe that acts of kindness have the power to spark a ripple effect, to multiply, to spread across communities, countries, and the whole world,” observed Tuei.


By Kibe Mburu and Cindy Moraa 

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