Khwisero’s Sub-county unveils five-year strategic plan

Counties Governance Kakamega

Khwisero Sub County has launched a five-year strategic plan for effective planning and improved service delivery in the region.

Area MP Christopher Aseka said the implementation of the programmes contained in the strategic plan that spans the period between 2023 and 2027 will cost approximately Sh. 933.5 million.

The legislator said the blueprint crafted by consultants and the development team met all legal requirements and consensus among the community.

The plan launched at Khwisero Teaching and Vocational College outlined key priorities focusing on education, security, environment, conservation, sports, and digital transformation.

“Six years into leadership as a Member of Parliament, Khwisero is experiencing wonderful rural economic change,” he said.

The MP said despite potential challenges in funds disbursement, he is committed to its progress and desire for success.

“We are committed to annual evaluation to measure progress against the set goals. I will also align my aspirations with the community’s desire for success,” he said.

The MP said the previously dwindling education sector in the sub-county is today beaming as more has been invested.

“The success story of education in Khwisero is a testimony to what can be achieved should we decide to be more ambitious regardless of how strong the obstacles may seem,” he said.

By John Ochanda

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