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Kiambu Children Assembly Elect Representatives

Children from Kiambu County today held elections for their representatives of the Kenya Children’s assembly

The exercise normally  elects children who will exercise their civic duties in Kenya by electing their peers aged 16 years and below to represent them at the national levels.

Kiambu county coordinator for children’s services Rose Barine said the exercise was critical to offer the children the platform to champion for their agenda at the national level.

“All of you have a unique responsibility, you are here on behalf of  all the other children in your sub county’s, you are here to learn and to elect your representatives” she said

She however encouraged those who may miss a spot on the assembly to keep their hopes up and that they can still achieve  their dreams in the future,

“Everyone here is a leader whether you are voted in or not , you can still make a difference by speaking up for your friends and age mates” she added

Alice Yugi, representing World vision Kenya, a relief, advocacy and development group focused on children, emphasised on the qualities of protection and participation in the children.

“We are here as an assembly to be heard and to participate, you are here to put your priorities forward and engage with the leaders to push your agenda.” She said adding that the children’s success in their duties was paramount despite most of them going back to school at the end of the month

“This assembly is a good opportunity for you to learn how to arrange , manage yourselves and advocate for the right agenda, the agendas that help your peers including the vulnerable who also need you.” Yugi said

After the elections the Governor(Chairperson) Natasha Shekainah who was named the chairperson (Governor)  and who  representing the other elected officials thanked her  peers for believing and electing them “ We are proud and very ready to serve”.

“We are very excited to fill these important roles, we will represent the children of the county with diligence and honesty at the national level and we will work well with children together with all other members of the assembly” she said

Those elected will hold office for a minimum of one term which compress of 2 years and a maximum of two terms. The electoral offices include governor, deputy governor, speaker, deputy speaker, and sergeant of arms, deputy sergeant of arms, clerk, deputy clerk and organizing secretary.

The Kenya Children Assembly was established in 2011 and has since then has been acting  as a unifying organ that brings all children from diverse ethnic and social backgrounds.

The Assembly provides the children leaders an opportunity to communicate the Government policies and development plans down to children in the village and get feedback through the devolved structures.

Similarly, the recommendations and outcomes of debates at the Children Assemblies are channelled to the County Government and the Central Government.

By Wangari Ndirangu and Cedric Karungaru

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