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Kiambu Commissioner warns Proscribed groups 

Kiambu County Commissioner Joshua Nkanatha has put on notice cult-like groups found abetting retrogressive practices including Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) that stern action will face the full force of the law

He specifically named the ‘Gwata Ndai’ sect in Kiambu that was recently banned by the government for promoting the outdated and harmful practices.

Flanked by Kiama Kia Ma, cultural pillar of the Kikuyu Council of Elders who had paid him a courtesy call to support the government on banning of various religious sects that have been engaged in unconstitutional activities, Nkanatha warned those operating such groups and without licenses will face the law.

He warned the group to cease their operations and affirmed the government’s commitment to protecting the community from harmful practices saying the security teams will be on the lookout and will not entertain anybody who is harming the communities.

“We as the government are totally against the practices. The issue of female genital mutilation (FGM) is outlawed in this country. These are the issues that we have already fought and eradicated and others want to take us back,” said the CC

Nkanatha’s remarks comes barely after the government banned “Mihiriga Kenda religious sect activities for operating without proper registration and promoting outdated and harmful practices.

Two weeks ago, a tragic incident occurred in the County where a learned man from Githunguri and believed to be a member of the sect killed his mother and then  committed suicide over a disagreement about the sect’s activities.

Shamte Munyua, County Chairman of Kiama Ki ama, cultural group and the patron Captain Kung’u Muigai during the briefing today at the CCs office

Police in Githunguri raided the sect headquarters that targeted “Gwata Ndai” , “Nyumba ya Mumbi” and “Kenda Muihuru” cults whose teachings violates not only the constitutions but Christianity and whose practicing certificate expired three years  ago and  operating now  without a legal permit.

“They have been unable to renew the certificates and are operating illegally. I am sending a warning to them that the way things are and stand, they should cease their operations forthwith.

Nkanatha urged the communities in Kiambu to reject and shun anybody or any groupings trying to introduce harmful cultural practices but instead to embrace education instead.

The commissioner also addressed the prevalence of   illicit brews and urging the elders to talk about it as it was endangering the youth of the county.

“We should not allow the youth of this county just to be finished by people out to just make money. I am happy and very excited with the support we are getting from our political leaders, beginning with the presidency, our president, the deputy president, all the way to the MCAs”, Nkanatha said

Shamte Munyua, County Chairman of Kiama Ki ama, cultural group, thanked the National government for their swift interjection and promised that they will work hand in hand to ensure that the laws are implemented.

“Kiama Kia Ama has no affiliation or any connections to these cultic groups. We are committed to following the law passed down from elders and from our ancestors. If one breaks the law they should be reported to the authorities “, he added

He noted that some of the said sect groups have been going round perpetrating itself as one of the Kiama groups from the Agikuyu community and teaching contrary to the Kiama KI Ama beliefs.

Captain Kung’u Muigai the Patron however cast aspersions calling out on churches not to smear the name of the Kiama Kia ma in bad light.

He claimed that some churches in Kiambu have been speaking ill of the Kiama group instead of supporting the government in shunning the said religious sects that are propagating FGM

“The church leaders have been quiet on these matters especially on the malpractices. They should stop speaking ill of a legitimate group like the Kiama Kia Ama as some of our family members also attend their churches and instead help the government fight the vice”.

During today’s Meeting, the County Commissioner was flanked by members of the Security team as well as the Kiama Kiama Council of Elder members.


By Wangari Ndirangu and KNA Team

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