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Kiambu County empowering through diverse programs and collaborations

Kiambu County is making significant strides in empowering its youth through a variety of programs and collaborations.

By combining a supportive working environment, bank training jobs, Cabro making, Kiambu County is paving the way for the youth to not only secure employment, but also actively contribute to the development and decision-making process within the region.

One standout initiative is the youth driven Cabro manufacturing project, providing employment opportunities, while contributing to infrastructure.

The country’s foray in pig’s agribusiness success story, has also fostered entrepreneurship and sustainable agricultural practices among the youths.

In an interview with the Kiambu county CECM for Youth, Sports and Communication Affairs Osman Korar, he said that Kiambu has collaborated with financial institutions to provide specialised training programs, equipping the youth with valuable skills in banking

“This collaboration seeks to bridge financial gaps and equip young minds with skills like book keeping necessary to thrive in their respective ventures” he said

Korar added that he has taken a proactive approach for promoting sportsmanship with the inception of the governor’s tournament that takes place annually which not only showcases the athletic talents, but also fosters a sense of community engagement and healthy competition.

“The Governor’s cup aims not only to celebrate athleticism, but also offers jobs by officiating matches, training referees and coaches and also selection of talented players to form Kiambu County team, “he said.

In addition, he shed light on the importance of creating a positive working environment for the youth.

The country is dedicated to fostering spaces where young individuals can thrive and contribute meaningfully to their communities.

“Creating a positive and inclusive workplace is paramount. It not only fosters employee wellbeing but also fuels innovation and productivity” he said

Korar further noted that an upcoming youth entrepreneur digital training literacy program is set to unfold in February, these having been made possible through a strategic partnership with Meta.

“This initiative aims to equip young minds with essential skills and knowledge needed to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of digital entrepreneurship,” he said

Kiambu County is therefore aiming at nurturing the potential of its youth through a holistic approach, these diverse programs underscore the county’s commitment to creating a better future for its younger population.

By Ashley Ogolla

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