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Kiambu County Unveils Construction of by-pass road

The Governor of Kiambu County has impressed on the road contractors in the region to enlist local youth to empower them economically during the engagement.

“The company should make sure that 70% of the people they engage on the project are from Kiambu County and not from neighboring counties” said Dr.James Nyoro

            While addressing the Kiambu residents who attended the launch of the 1.7 km from Post Office via Indian Bazaar last Friday, the governor was optimistic that the new road will play a major role in de-congesting Kiambu town.

He said the new road just like the the Nakuru-Mombasa bypass, will help reduced  traffic snarl-up currently clogging the Nakuru-Nairobi highway.

The governor noted that the 8 KM road along the Juja farm was likely to be completed  by the end of the year after President Uhuru Kenyatta offered  the country funds for the construction of the  32 km stretch in Komothai-Githima-Gatuanyaga road.

He added that the head of state also directed the release of Ksh 2 billion to re-tarmac the roads in Thika town to facilitate ease of access in the industrial town.

According to Phillip Omolo an engineer from Vienna construction limited contracted to do the roadworks said the projects would be completed in 8 months.

            Currently, Kiambu town has a single road traversing the busy and growing county headquarters and more cases  during peak hours  heavy traffic and congestion is a common occurence.

He also promised the residents of Kiambu town that the County Government was planning to install more street lights  for security reason and create conducive environment for the envisaged 24  hour economy boost the economy which was disrupted after the corona pandemic.

The governor also promised to extend electricity coverage in the region especially in Ngoliba area where households wmay soon enjoy the services after the connection were completed..

He said other areas targeted for the expansion include, Muthaga in Witeithie and Ndeiya which are set to have power  by July this year.

The residents of Kiambu were very happy when the governor said that they will only Vienna construction company which is working on the said by-pass upon completion of the project after the residents confirm that it was well done.

            Among those who attended the launch of the road project were Kiambu County deputy governor Dr. Joyce Wanjiku Ngugi, and the MCA of Kiambu Township Mr. Antony Ikonya.

Lydia Shiloya/ Jane Kageche


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