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Kiambu Director Advice Youth to Join Hands for Prosperity

Youths enlisted under the National Hygiene Programme(Kazi Mtaani) in Kiambu county have been advised to form groups through which they could socialize and enhance their talents for posterity.

The director of Youth in Kiambu County Mrs. Jacinta Migwi while on a supervision of the programme in Kiambaa sub-county yesterday said the youth were strategically placed in society to harness resources however little so that they could prepare for their future and also be able to take care of their aging parents

Mrs. Migwi tipped the cohorts to formulate groupings that could attract funding from financial institutions to spur their economic growth and general livelihoods.

“The  specific cohorts which you are were placed can be your starting point in which you can choose people who are like minded then proceed to form a group which you can register and through it access funding to upscale whatever you are good at” noted the youth director

She told the NHP workers to learn to persevere and start small saying the elite in the society began small. “You cannot start to climb a tree from the top. You have to start from the bottom and with focus, you will the top” she told them as they continued working and occasionally asked her questions in line with the progression of the program.

The director said officers from the youth ministry had been going round the 12 sub-counties sensitizing the youth on life-skills, group formation ,entrepreneurship and the 4 affirmative funds namely Uwezo, Women and youth funds including the National Government affirmative fund whose patron is the Women representative.

“When you spot these officers please give them audience as the information they disseminate is extremely important and will assist you to boost your specific ventures and also enable you to expand and even create job opportunities for other youths”

She told them to appreciate what the Government was doing for them by taking advantage of the training availed to them so as to become self-reliant.

The second phase of the NHP began in July and owing to the swelling numbers of those seeking the jobs, they were divided into two groups so as to benefit more people.

They are scheduled then scheduled to work for 11 days after which they take a break to give the second team an opportunity to work for another 11 days.

Only supervisors have been given an opportunity to work continuously in the program which has taken on board 23,075 workers. Kiambu is second to Nairobi and the workers are mainly engaged in non-formal settlement areas.

In Kiambu, the informal settlements are found in 4 sub-counties namely Kiambaa, Kabete, Kikuyu and Thika sub-counties. The 4 benefitted from the NHP phase one which was funded by the World Bank.

Phase two is funded by the Government of Kenya and is aimed to cushion the youths from effects of COVID-19 as they clean the environment.

By Lydia Shiloya

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