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Kiambu revives Sh 50 million housing projects

Some 40 civil servants from Thika West Sub-county are set to benefit from a Sh50 million housing project which is envisaged to ease the housing problem that has ailed the government officers in the area for years owing to the growing number of officers.
Kiambu County Governor Ferdinand Waititu, while presiding over the construction of Makongeni–blue post road last week said that the housing project will contain 40 units of two bedrooms each with adequate space for a family set up, modern fittings and the rent will be affordable as each house will be rented out for Sh. 12,000 compared to Sh. 18,000 that is demanded in the area for similar dwellings.
Eng. Godfrey Karimi the site manager while talking to KNA, said that the project was started in 2009 under the Thika municipal council, with devolution and change of leaders it was put on hold until January 2018 when the Governor got into office and revived it with a view of completing it.
Waititu added that this is just the onset project for the county, as there were plans for developing more structures of the same caliber in different areas of the county which will be used to relocate people living in the slums to decent locations.
He said his government supported the big 4 agenda as a way of alleviating poverty amongst the citizens so that they may be able to appreciate working for the government as they participate in Nation building. He said people cannot concentrate fully on their socio-economic ventures if they did not have the basics like housing at their disposal.
The Governor promised the residents of Thika that all the grabbed land that has been reclaimed by his administration will be put into good use like building public utilities and more modern houses to accommodate the growing number of people in the county.
He observed that this project is benefiting the whole community, adding that since the project started more than 100 people have been employed and earned a salary from it thus reducing the levels of unemployment among the youths.
“My administration in conjunction with the national government will ensure that the residents of Kiambu get the development they deserve and the youths get jobs to help them get on their feet and sidetrack them from drugs use.” Waititu noted
Karimi noted the project that is built on a 100×80 piece of land will host more people compared to the single structures that were spread on that land. He urged everyone who plans to build residential homes to consider putting up high-rise buildings as they occupy little space but host a lot of units.
He added that the project will be completed and ready to be occupied in the next two months.
Daniel Muriithi, a resident of depot area in Thika, says that all he can do is thank the Governor for such an ambitious project and he hopes that as the residents of this area they will be given first priority when the houses are open for occupancy.
By Edwin Wang’ombe/Lydia Shiroya

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