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Kiambu Speaker says census result are authentic

Kiambu County Assembly Speaker has distanced himself from those opposing  2019 Census results and said the result released on Monday were authentic.

Rev. Stephen Ndicho yesterday dissociated himself from those who have rejected the 2019 census results saying, “I do not have other results and so I accept the ones that were released to the President”.

Rev. Ndicho made the remarks at the Kiambu County Assembly after presiding over a day long unity meeting to reconcile functions of Mau Mau groups drawn from Mt.Kenya region.

“We were told that the government deployed the best technical people from various departments during the August census exercise. The Govenment also put in place the best electronic equipment it had purchased with tax payers’ money. Therefore, that is the best result that it can come up with and I have no problem with the results,” Rev. Ndicho said.

“When money has been spent carrying out an activity, Kenyans must appreciate the effort bestowed in it by even thanking the officers who were deployed to work during the National Exercise,” he said.

He said officers cordinated the exercise from 24 to 30th August 2019 and prior to that, those from the line department had put proper mechanisms to ensure they came up with authentic results.


By Lydia Shiloya



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