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Kilifi Residents Observe Covid 19 Social Distance Rule

The usually heavy congestion that has in the past been experienced in Kilifi town has now been minimized as traders and members of the public heeded the government’s directive to stay home in an effort to combat COVID-19 virus.
Empty streets and deserted markets at Oloitiptip and Kwa Charo wa Mae is clear evidence that most of the people mainly from outside the County have left the town for their upcountry rural homes.
A spot check in the town established that the few people remaining have had difficulties in accessing food kiosks to eat since most of them have been shut down.
Hardware and agro vet shops have had their doors open but with a minimum number of customers from a few construction buildings and farmers from the rural areas.
An attendant at the popular Al-Madina hardware who declined to reveal his name said for the past one week, they have been operating at a loss as very few customers came to purchase materials.
He said the management has been forced to reorganize workers to work in shifts to avoid congestion and idleness of workers unlike before the corona virus scourge when the management could be forced to add casuals.
At the Huduma Bora agro vet shop in the town, an attendant Mr. Rashid Athman said only two customers visited their shop yesterday while by 11.00am today, no single customer had turned up to purchase farm inputs.
“It has been our tradition in the past years that at a time like now when farmers are busy tilting their farms ready for the long rain planting season, our shop gets jammed with customers who come to purchase seeds and fertilizers. COVID- 19 virus is punishing us since we do not know when it will come to an end,” he said.
A motor bike repairer Mr. Samuel Kazungu said at his Kibaoni workshop that he has not been able to put food on the table for his family on daily basis as he has not been making any business.
He said the removal of boda boda operators from the town has affected him economically as he hardly makes Sh100 a day unlike before when he could earn as much as Sh1, 500 a day and prayed that the disease would soon be controlled.
By Harrison Yeri

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