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Kindiki pledges to address passport delays

Interior Cabinet Secretary (CS) Kithure Kindiki undertook his third unannounced visit to Nyayo House in Nairobi on Thursday, emphasising his commitment to streamline passport processing for Kenyan citizens.

During the impromptu tour, the Interior CS engaged with citizens present at the government offices, many of whom were processing their travel documents.

He inquired about the urgency of their passport applications and assured them that substantial improvements were underway to eradicate existing backlogs.

The CS announced that by September 17, the Department would operate without a backlog in passport applications, saying that the implementation of new, efficient strategies would eliminate any existing backlog.

Addressing the persistent issue of delayed passport applications, he candidly acknowledged the longstanding challenge in the printing process and called for patience, promising significant improvements in the coming days and weeks.

“Give us a few days, maybe weeks. Printing has been a major challenge for a long time,” Kindiki reassured the Nyayo House clients, offering hope for a smoother and more efficient passport application process in the near future.

In a resolute stance against corruption, the CS issued a stern warning, asserting that no individual, regardless of their rank, would be immune from repercussions.

Last week, during a previous unscheduled visit, Kindiki announced a crackdown on boda boda riders accessing the premises, accusing them of facilitating corruption and exploiting those seeking passport services.

“Access to the Immigration Department Headquarters in Nyayo House will be restricted to members of staff and service seekers with the necessary documents, including appointments for submission and biometric capture,” Kindiki declared, underscoring the necessity for a controlled and secure environment.

Kindiki’s proactive approach to tackling the challenges faced by Nyayo House demonstrates a renewed commitment to providing efficient and corruption-free government services to the citizens of Kenya. With the promise of expedited passport processing, many are hopeful for a smoother and more streamlined experience in the near future.

By Hamdi M. Buthul

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