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Kirinyaga Chiefs Boost Covid 19 War

Kirinyaga Woman Representative Wangui Ngirichi has hailed the good work by the area administration in educating the community against the Corona virus pandemic.
Wangui said as a result of their effort and other stake holders, Kirinyaga County has not registered a case of the pandemic.
“This is why I am giving every chief in this county some 200 masks and sanitizers to give to their people who they recognize as most vulnerable. ‘She said
Wangui said the same administrators have been very instrumental in identifying those in great need of food support.
I want to thank our chiefs for the good work they have done in developing a list of the most needy in the society which we are now using in the provision of our food support” Wangui said
The legislator also expressed concern over the high number of starving elderly in the midst.
She said the group was in the bracket of those aged from 70 and above years and who cannot afford to fend for themselves.
Wangui blamed the society for abdicating its roles to take care of such a group in its midst and urged Kenyans to start being mindful of the elderly.
“Even before the outbreak of the Corona Virus, it had come to my attention that the high number of the elderly in our midst was increasing while most of them live hand to mouth while others just starve unnoticed, “she said.

Women representative Wangui Ngirichi hand over masks and sanitizers to chief baragwi for onward delivery to the public.

She said while on her business as the Mother of the County she has had the opportunity to interact with this vulnerable group which seems to have fallen into the bracket of the forgotten ones.
“If you remember just before last year’s Christmas, I traversed the county distributing an assortment of foodstuffs to the needy who included the elderly and challenged Charitable Organizations not to wait until the next Christmas when to assist the vulnerable in our midst, “she said.
She said if the situation was bad last year before the corona pandemic broke out two months ago, then the situation has become dire and required urgent intervention.
The Leader spoke in various venues when she distributed an assortment of foodstuffs, washing soap and masks to the aged in Kirinyaga East Sub-county yesterday.
Among the villages Wangui donated the goodies were Ithareini, Kiangombe, Kianguenyi, Gatugura, Karia, Kagongo , Kianjiru and Karucho while she promised to visit Kanjuu and Mwambao next week whose ration is being prepared for delivery.
She said it was painful to see the less privileged in the society suffer and starve while some of those in various positions of leadership only associate with the group when looking for votes .
The Leader who was accommodated by her husband Andrew Ngirichi who is a business tycoon wondered why the county government was invisible in the fight against the corona virus especially its non-provision of foodstuffs to the needy.
“This is the hour of need when the vulnerable in our midst should be receiving foodstuffs and other basic necessities from the county government since it has an obligation to this group of citizenry,”She said.
She said her husband was always there to assist her in her endeavor to serve the people who mandated her to represent them in Parliament.
By Irungu Mwangi

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