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Kirinyaga Intercity Football Club Takes Home Sh1 million Grand Prize

Intercity FC from Tebere Ward has been crowned the winners of Governor Anne Waiguru football tournament and awarded Sh1 million Grand Prize.

Intercity FC won the two-month-long tournament in a nail-biting 3-2 penalty shoot-out at Wang’uru Stadium in Mwea constituency against Thumaita FC from Kiine Ward.

The team was awarded the Sh1 million prize cash by Governor Waiguru before a crowd of about 20,000 spectators.

The defining moment came when the game ended in a baren draw, prompting the referee to call for a penalty shout-out.

Dennis Murimi, the indomitable captain of Intercity FC, basked in the glory of their hard-won triumph. Overflowing with ecstasy and elation, Murimi said that their relentless dedication and hard work had finally reaped the sweet fruits of success.

In a testament to their gallant efforts, Thumaita FC walked home with more than just memories, securing a commendable second place and a handsome second place cash prize of Sh750, 000.

Shifting the spotlight to the women’s matches, a riveting clash unfolded as Mukou Queens FC from Thiba Ward scored 3-1 to seize victory over Nyangati Ladies FC.

In a dazzling display of prowess, Mukou Queens FC were crowned the champions, clinching the Sh500, 000 women’s grand prize.

Governor Waiguru said she was elated to witness the display of excellent talent during the tournament.

The governor congratulated all the 200 teams that participated and announced that she would make the tournament an annual event.

Green Stars from Karumandi Ward emerged third placed, scooping Sh500, 000, while Al Muslim FC from Kariti Ward bagged Sh350, 000.

The top teams in the ward level walked away with Sh50, 000 for the winner, Sh30, 000 for the second place, Sh20, 000 for the third place and Sh10, 000.

Waiguru expressed her satisfaction with the resounding success of the tournament themed “Nurturing talent for livelihood.”

She revealed that approximately 5,000 young footballers were actively engaged in the competition, not only showcasing their skills on the field but also leveraging on their talents to generate substantial income.

The governor said a total of Sh7.8 million in cash prizes were awarded to winners at various levels of the tournament.

Governor Waiguru said the tournament has become a catalyst for economic vibrancy at the grassroots level, with hundreds of spectators flocking playgrounds to witness matches across all the wards, which in turn provided business opportunities for local vendors.

Governor Wainguru with other county leaders awarding best teams.

“The football matches that were played every Sunday simultaneously across the wards also created business opportunities for innovative entrepreneurs who sold foodstuffs and other merchandise to thousands of fans who turned up to cheer their teams,” she said.

Beyond the financial aspect, the governor said the event played a crucial role in steering young individuals away from the perils of drug abuse.

“In today’s world, football is big business, and there is money in the game. Those who demonstrated football prowess during this tournament have a great chance of becoming professional footballers and climbing up the ladder to international leagues,” she remarked.

Waiguru has promised more stadiums in the county, where every sub-county will have a stadium.

“We have an on-going stadium at General Kasama Kianyaga where the county government will contribute Sh100 million and the national government will give Sh400 million,” she said.

By David Wandeto 


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