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Kirinyaga KANU grassroots leaders engage in BBI civic education

KANU grass-root leaders have kicked off the BBI civic education exercise in all Kirinyaga sub-counties.

            Through the county chairman John Gathungu the leaders say they have formed small groups through which they educate the local wananchi about the report.

            Gathungu who equally supplied his officials with over 10,000 copies of BBI for distribution to the public, said his party supports the initiative because it shall play a key role in uniting leaders and Kenyans as well.

            They also rallied behind President Uhuru Kenyatta’s leadership for implementing transformative projects in the country as well as forming a working pact with KANU.

            “We are contented with president Kenyatta‘s leadership, he has also urged us to support the BBI report because it will benefit us. We as Kirinyaga KANU grassroots leaders have heeded to his call as well as that of our party leader Gideon Moi. We are ready to help sell the document because we want Kirinyaga to speak in one voice.”

            He said they will not be publicizing the report in churches but instead, each leader will organize small groups in various areas where she/he hails from and carry out their exercise.

            “We have resolved to keep the BBI politics out of houses of worship. We will have our own groups, he said.

            He also thanked the county assemblies for showing confidence in the recommendation therein by overwhelmingly adopting the BBI report.

            Gathungu also called on all elected leaders in the county to join hands so as to begin BBI sensitization programs to the masses. He said that it would be unfortunate if the public rejected the document as a result of ignorance.

            Sammy Kanyuira, another KANU official said BBI will bring about the desired development.      He also applauded the healthy working relationship that exists between the government and his party.

            “Our party has been at the forefront in supporting the work that is being carried out by the government and we thank the two parties for the cordial relationship.

            Kanyuira also said they were ready to get further guidance from their party leader Gideon Moi who is expected to visit the county this coming Friday

by Irungu Mwangi

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