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Kirinyaga MCAs fear Senate chief whip has been compromised

Members of the Kirinyaga County Assembly are opposed to a small committee chosen to debate on governor Waiguru’s impeachment.
The members who congregated at the Assembly ground Friday said they have information that the senate chief whip Irungu Kang’ata has already been compromised.
The majority leader Kamau Murango who led the other members said Kang’ata was spotted with Waiguru at Castle gardens in Nairobi.
“We have witnessed Kang’ata saying through the media that a committee would be the only way to go in the impeachment motion,” Murango said.
However, Senate speaker Kenneth Lusaka says senators will soon meet to determine whether the impeachment will go the committee way or the plenary way.
He added the committee way would be longer, lasting about ten days, as the process will be deeply questioned with evidence being adduced, while the plenary of the senate was swift and can conclude the work in two days.
Murango said the senate should not be intimated but should listen to the voice of Kirinyaga people who have spoken that they prefer the motion be discussed by the whole senate.
He further said he is saddened by those purporting that Waiguru should be saved from the impeachment for her role in the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI).
“People should know that the governor is not an asset in the initiative but a liability, it is us the members of the Assembly that sat with likeminded people to discuss the Punguza Mzigo bill.
Murango said Waiguru never involved the assembly during the Punguza Mzigo saga.
He said that it would be so unfair to Kirinyaga people that their elected leaders cannot face the law because they support the government despite their gross misconduct and corruption.
“Already we in procession of letter from the Controller of Budget asking for the accountability of Sh200 million from the County government, the same amount they have been complaining about.
However, Murango said that President Uhuru Kenyatta has been fighting corruption and it’s high time that he joins hands with Kirinyaga people in fighting for their rights and ensuring leaders involved in corruption are put behind bars.
“We are not impeaching Waiguru because she is a woman, we elected her knowing very well she is a woman, all we are saying is that she is wrong and has failed in her mandate!” Murango said.
Kinyua Wangui, the mover of the impeachment motion, said Kirinyaga should be treated the same as Kiambu where Waititu impeachment was discussed by the whole senate.
“We want all senate members to be involved in giving Kirinyaga county justice and this cannot happen with a selected committee that can easily be compromised,” Wangui said.
Tebere ward MCA Gadson Muchina said they do not need a godfather to carry out their mandate as stipulated in the constitution, hence the senate Chief Whip should also protect the same constitution and public funds from being misappropriated.
He urged Senators to desist from applying selective justice but serve the interests of Kirinyaga people with the honesty they deserve.
Baptista Kanga, Wamumu ward MCA in Mwea constituency pleaded with former Prime Minister Raila Odinga who in the recent past has been seen to show sympathy to Waiguru to stay away from Kirinyaga politics to avoid being stained in the process.
Kanga asked Raila to be part of the leaders who will ensure Kirinyaga County get fairness in the whole impeachment debate.
By Dorris Wanyagia

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