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Kirisia Forest Invasion

Leaders in Samburu County have been asked to support the government efforts’ in reclaiming Kirisia Forest.

Addressing  residents  after  planting 10,000 seedlings in Kirisia Forest on Monday, the Cabinet Secretary for Environment (CS), Keriako Tobiko  said there were illegal settlers who have lived in the forest for over 20 years and asked all leaders to support the exercise to rid illegal forest  settlers  who have destroyed the forest and water towers in the region.

Tobiko  gave one month grace period to illegal settlers to vacate the forest, saying that once the period expires the government will forcefully evict  them, noting  that the government will employ more forest scouts to ensure that the forest was being protected.

He  said already four Lorries have been availed for those who are ready to move voluntarily from the forest.

The  CS said that his ministry will supply more 350,000 seedlings to the Kirisia Forest Association for planting during this rainy season.

By  Lelendu Petikas

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