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Kisii opens job centre to promote youth employment

The County Government of Kisii has launched a job creation centre at Gusii Stadium in Kisii town, to help equip the youth with online skills that will enable them get jobs.

The Ajiry Job Centre was unveiled with the aim of opening avenues of employment for the youth, who constitute a majority of the population and continue to struggle for training and employment opportunities.

Speaking during the launch, Kisii Governor, Simba Arati, said technological advancements had turned the world into a global village and it was important to train the youth to embrace the uptake of new technology, so that they can acquire skills that will enable them to cut a niche in the global job market.

The Governor noted that Ajiry is a Progressive Web Application (PWA) designed to provide a platform for entrepreneurial youth to connect and network effortlessly, conveniently and free from the controls of third-party agents with employers.

“This programme allows the youth to cast a wider net in their search for job opportunities.  Ajiry focuses on connecting employers to their desired workforce and this cuts across both the blue-collar and white-collar job sectors,” Arati said.

The Governor pointed out that the job centre will offer training and mentorship opportunities for the youth and women, so that they become competitive in the job market and participate fully in the digital economy.

He called for the collaboration of the National Government, private sector, and civil society organizations, to ensure the success of the centre, adding that the County is creating a model that can be replicated in other parts of the country and even globally.

International Labour Organization, National Programme Coordinator, Dr. Isaac Muema, noted that while digitalization has brought tremendous benefits to the economy and society, it poses many challenges such as digital divides and unequal employment effects.

Muema said the adoption of technologies and digital transformation had posed the risk of exuberating pre-existing inequalities or even creating new ones, as some jobs are automated and certain skills become less demanded.

He pointed out that technology is alerting the demand for specific tasks and skills and the newly launched Job Centre will provide an opportunity, whereby the right skills, which are demand-driven by the industry will be provided.

The Programme Coordinator said the establishment of the Centre is also a vital step, towards promoting social justice and decent work for all, adding that young people and women will be able to showcase their skills, talents and expertise through the platform.

By Mercy Osongo

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