Kisii’s First Quintuplets Attract Support from Well-wishers

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A first time known quintuplets to be delivered in Kisii Teaching and Referral Hospital in Kisii town, have attracted support from well-wishers including the County Governor James Ongwae’s family.

The bouncing babies, four females and one male, who arrived on Friday through caesarian section are said to be recuperating well with their mother Stella Nyanchera who gave birth for the first time.

Speaking at the facility where she congratulated and gave donations to the new family, Ongwae’s wife Elizabeth Ongwae said the family would foot the hospital bills and ensure up to date National Hospital Insurance Fund subscription of the nuclear family to help them in future. She described the birth as joyous occurrence worth celebrating as it is the first ever in the county.

Kisii County First Lady Elizabeth Ongwae visits the first quintuplets to be delivered in Kisii County at the Kisii Teaching and Referral Hospital on Saturday, April 17. Standing by is the children’s mother Stella Nyanchera. Photo by Climnton Nyamumbo

The KTRH Deputy Director Clinical Services Dr Bina Ongaki said the medics and family were surprised at their arrival as they had expected quadruplets depicted in the ultrasound carried out earlier during pregnancy.

Dr Ongaki said the incident was a normal occurrence and could have been caused by various factors including genetics and fertility drugs among others. Two babies weighed 1.5 kilograms, two others 1.2 kilograms and the other 1.1 kilograms.

Douglas Nyaoko, the babies’ father who married Nyanchera two years ago expressed concern over the family’s impending economic burden during their upbringing and appealed for more support including employment by either the County or National government for self-sustainability.

The County Director Health services Dr Geofrey Otomu had earlier explained that low weight babies usually need to be held in nurseries until they attained the normal 2.5 kilograms to reduce health risks.

By Climnton Nyamumbo and Jane Naitore

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