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Kisumu allocates Sh23.8 million to purchase sports equipment

Kisumu County has allocated Sh. 23.8 million to aid in the procurement of sports gear and equipment to be distributed to 19 wards across the county in a bid to develop talent and bolster sporting activities.

Governor Prof. Anyang’ Nyong’o while flagging off the sports items on Tuesday, expressed the county’s commitment to promoting local talent.

“In the financial year 2020/2021 we had procured sports equipment worth a total of Sh. 8,900,000 which were issued to 8 wards.  This year we have increased the number of recipient wards to 19 to aid the sector,” said Nyong’o.

Nyong’o said distributing sportswear like uniforms and equipment was to enhance performance during training and competition.

With Kisumu County gaining space in the sports world both nationally and internationally he said they have embarked on an aggressive infrastructure development agenda as a key provision for talent boost.

“Apart from distributing this sportswear we are constructing new sports facilities and upgrading the old ones in the county. For example, works at Moi stadium are underway,” he said.

Nyong’o reiterated that supporting talents at the ward level will jumpstart vibrant talent identification and harness them for the international sports world.

“As a county, we take sports seriously because Kisumu is a home of talents that has produced many international women and men including Kisumu All stars who are doing well in the national super league,” he stated.

Nyong’o disclosed that in the coming financial year 80 per cent of sports funds will be allocated for talent scouting at the wards, Sub County and County level while 20 per cent will go to the procurement of sports gear.

He commended the sportsmen and the county staff team for the exemplary performance and hard work to put Kisumu high on the map.

“I am very proud to announce we were number 2 overall out of 47 counties at the KICOSCA games and 25 of our players have been selected to join the East African Local Authorities Sports EALASCA games in Eldoret,” Nyong’o said.

Achie Alai CECM for Tourism, Culture and Sports said the department is working to acquire equipment for the remaining 6 wards.

“We are putting together a plan to start scouting out sportsmen and women at the county level, down to the ward level and at the village level,” she said.

Alai added that through training and support, the county will be able to pull up youths to fully represent the region in soccer, hockey, basketball, boxing and tennis games.

A total of 9 wards including Nyalenda B, Central Nyakach, Kolwa East, Market Milimani, Kabonyo Kanyagwal, North Kisumu, Ahero and East Seme are among the beneficiaries of the kits.

By Lorine Awino and Evangeline Mola

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