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Kisumu Boy’s Alumni Give Old School a face lift

Former Kisumu boy’s high school students have joined hands to fix the schools dilapidated infrastructure.

Under the umbrella of Kisumu boy’s high school alumni foundation, the school is set for a major facelift.

The organization chaired by former East Africa Law Society President James Aggrey Mwamu has raised funds to upgrade the school to help it regain its past glory.

Speaking to KNA Saturday, Mwamu said the old students were concerned about the state of affairs at the institution whose performance academically and in co-curricular activities has nosedived.

The school, formerly an academic giant in Nyanza region also produced some of the country’s best soccer players.

The initiative, he said targets to upgrade the schools infrastructure which is overstretched due to the high student population.

It also targets to mentor and inspire students to post good results through partnership with old teacher’s network.

To start off immediately is erection of a modern perimeter wall to replace the dilapidated one constructed in the 70’s.

Mwamu said the alumni comprising of former students in Kenya and those working abroad will network to raise funds to change the face of the institution.

He added that the facelift also targets neighbouring primary schools that feed Kisumu boys.

With availability of funds, the schools will be supported to enhance their capacity to produce quality results.

This, he said, will further be enhanced to capture the entire Nyanza region whose performance has dropped significantly over the years.

By Chris Mahandara

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