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Kisumu Govenor’s spouse calls for protection of women

Kisumu residents celebrated Lakeside Valentines on February 14 with vibrant colours, led by the County governor’s spouse, Dorothy Nyong’o.

In her fervent address during the event, Mrs. Nyong’o delivered messages of love, affection, and unity among the locals.

She emphasised the diverse nature of love, reminding the population, especially the youth, that love extends beyond romance and encompasses familial bonds, spiritual connections, and affiliations.

The governor’s spouse emphasised the importance of love beyond romance, highlighting the risks associated with early sexual activities among youth, including the potential risks of HIV and HPV.

Mrs. Nyon’go emphasised the importance of community members providing increased protection and guidance for young people, emphasising the crucial role of parents in preventing external love-seeking.

At the same time, she leveraged the occasion sponsored by the Kisumu County Government through the Tourism Department to appeal to authorities to come up with swift and comprehensive preventive strategies to address the rising sexual offenses and femicide cases in the country.

“I beseech parents to embark on a proactive involvement in their children’s lives,” she said, while expressing grief over the recent cases of the loss of young lives, which were reportedly entangled in love.

However, Mrs. Nyong’o was optimistic that the concerted efforts being put in place would significantly reduce or eliminate the tragic occurrences in the future.

The governor’s wife emphasised the importance of addressing the femicide issue in the Lakeside region, urging the community to prioritise the well-being of young girls.

She appealed for a collective responsibility by parents and authorities to take decisive action to heighten security measures to protect young women.

By Quinter Atieno and Beryl Akinyi

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