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Kisumu Polytechnic Students’ go on the Rampage

The brutal killing of a Kisumu Polytechnic student by unknown assailants last Sunday night sparked off angry demonstrations by his colleagues.

Irate students decried the rising levels of insecurity in the lakeside city Tuesday, following the brutal murder which happened along the road linking Moi Stadium and Manyatta estate.

In a statement titled: Insecurity of the students signed by Steve Oburu, the Chairman, Kisumu National Polytechnic Students Association (KINAPOSA) stated that the matter of insecurity should be treated with utmost urgency.

Oburu said this will determine the fate of the next few weeks alongside other pertinent issues raised by the student fraternity. “This is an emotional issue which requires proper handling. I hope you will take it up and act swiftly to avoid further loss of lives”, the statement added.

Kisumu police commander Peter Katana (in blue) walks alongside the demonstrating students of Kisumu Polytechnic. The students were protesting against the rising cases of insecurity following the killing of their colleague student; Malachi Amondi Nyamache (Parto) was brutally killed by unknown assailants on Sunday January 3, 2020. Photo by Joseph Ouma.

The chairman said that it was with a heavy heart that he took the move together with colleague leaders to write on the fragile incident which has the potential to explode into a full-blown conflict between the students, local residents and Kisumu Polytechnic.

He pointed out that the incident follows an earlier one in which another student was stabbed to death under a similar circumstance hence the justification that those charged with security issues take up the matter as a priority.

The students also called for routine patrols often conducted by the police in the past arguing that it was a sure way of curbing incidents of such nature and added the need to upscale such measures to restore confidence in the security apparatus.

“Another matter of concern to fellow students is the continued deterioration of health services in our facilities. Quite often whenever one of us gets injured we rush to public hospitals only to be shocked at the poor state of affairs”, explained Oburu.

He revealed that the deceased, Malachi Amondi Nyamache (Parto) died due to negligence in one of the facilities he had been taken to and so the need for the County government to up their game by way of improving healthcare services for the benefit of the general public.

Unconfirmed reports claim that the deceased student may have stolen a mobile phone worth Sh1000 (Kadude) which provoked the attackers to descend on him with all manner of weapons culminating in his death.

The county police commander Peter Katana said they have launched serious investigations. We have also petitioned the county government to restore the street lights along the Moi Stadium – Manyatta road frequented by students who lived in the neighboring estates as they left late after evening studies.

Katana also reassured the students that all the issues raised in their petition will be given the necessary urgency and attention to ensure no more lives get lost in the hands of criminals out to cause confusion and mayhem.

By Joseph Ouma

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