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Kitengela Residents Benefit from Free Medical Camp

Hundreds of Kitengela residents have benefitted from a free medical organized by Rotary Club Kitengela in conjunction with the Rotary Clubs of Stoni Athi and Athi River.

According to Dr. Kevin Odongo, a pharmacist with Rotaract, it is important for people to take control of their health before they are very sick.

He noted that often people wait until they are very sick for them to seek medical services which shouldn’t be the case.

“What we advise and the reason we hold such medical camps is that people are now able to come in at a very early stage and are able to pick up any infection or complication at an early stage when they have no serious complications.”

He added, “We therefore urge the members of the public to go to the nearest health facility with qualified professionals near them and get assistance very early instead of waiting till the condition worsens.”

Dr. Odongo noted that there is an increase in stomach and eye-related infections in the town unlike last year when they last held the free medical camp.

Maureen Maitha, a clinical officer specializing in Ophthalmology and cataract surgery remarked that a lot of patients presented cases of allergic conjunctivitis due to the dust in the area.

She also noted that most elderly persons came in with cataract cases, refractive errors and diabetic or hypertensive retinopathy.

The clinical officer is encouraging the residents to take meals that boost eyesight like sweet potatoes, pumpkins, fruits, and green leafy vegetables.

One of the beneficiaries of the free medical camp, Aisha Hakimani was grateful for the free medical services saying that accessing medical services has become expensive especially now that the cost of living has gone up.

Among the free services offered in the medical camp included; pharmacy, routine labs, nutrition consultations, optical reviews, diabetes and hypertension management, weight management, asthma and other related respiratory conditions, cervical cancer screening, COVID-19 vaccination, and general lab consultation.

By Diana Meneto


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