Kitui family devastated by mysterious mental illness afflicting members

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A family in Kangii village in Kitui west is appalled by a mysterious mental illness that has afflicted four of its members including a six-year-old boy.
Speaking on Monday to KNA at their home in Kangii, Jackson Mbau said his three older brothers were previously in a normal mental state and even had jobs but over time started exhibiting signs of mental instability.
“Our firstborn Malika Mbau used to work at the Coast before he became mentally sick, quit his job and came back home. He has since been unable to engage in constructive dialogue. All he does is mumble,” said Mbau adding that his third brother who used to be a casual labourer was similarly affected.
“The second born Nicholas Mbau, who is a teacher at Kangii primary school, has of late developed disorderly behavior. He deserts his family from time to time and goes to stay in lodging. We fear he might be gradually losing his mind,” said Mbau.
He added that Nicholas’s son aged six also seemed to be suffering from the mysterious mental disease haunting the family.
“Since early childhood, my nephew has never learnt to speak and is always hyperactive. He never settles neither attends school due to the condition,” he explained.
According to Mbau, who is the lastborn, there has never been a history of mental illness in their family lineage but he expressed fears that he could suffer the same fate as his brothers and nephew.
He appealed to well-wishers to come to the rescue of his family so as to enable them access medical remedy for the condition.
By Yobesh Onwong’a

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