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KLB supplies Sh13.8 million learning materials to Nandi County

Kenya Literature Bureau (KLB) has supplied branded learning and writing materials worth Sh 13.8 million to Nandi County to promote Education.

According to KLB Managing Director Victor Lomaria, Nandi County procured learning materials worth Sh 8.7 million and the organization deepened the relationship by donating Sh 5.1 million reference materials.

Lomaria was speaking in Chesumei Sub County during a one-day training workshop of over 1500 Early Childhood Development (ECD) teachers from Nandi County on Competency Curriculum Based (CBC) Assessment and Methodology.

He said CBC is the best curriculum designed to address 21st century problems and offering solutions in terms of key competences.

‘CBC is the way to go. Let us support it. It is actually enhancing competency level across the country. Let us not fight it politically because it is meant to change and transform our education system,’ he said.

The Managing Director said KLB has already supplied Grade 6 materials to over 75 per cent of all the school across the country.

He said the government is supplying books for free adding that so far 14.5 million books have been supplied to kids in public primary schools across the country.

“We have around 24,000 primary schools across the country where we supply books to. We are supplying 40.5 million books together with other publishers. KLB is supplying 2.2 million books. We are promoting cycle of CBC because that’s the way to go,” he stated.

Lomaria said the organization has been able to develop and deliver books that are of high-quality in terms of content and also promoting Government policy on one-to-one book ratio meaning every learner has to have one book per learning area.

He further noted that in the next two weeks, KLB will have supplied all learning materials for Grade 6 ahead of the beginning of Academic year which is starting in May.

Teachers who graced the event noted that they are well trained and ready to implement the Curriculum calling on critical stakeholders and players to support CBC saying it will make a difference in the way children are trained.

“CBC has all the necessary tools and materials to enable it to be successfully rolled out. For us we are rooting for this, it’s the right thing the government has done,” said Elizabeth Koech

KLB which is the leading publisher not only in Kenya but also in the region with a fully fledge printing press has the largest series of books compared to any other publisher.

The organization has been able to cover 30 counties in terms of entering MOUs and supplying them with instructional and learning materials.

“Our plan in the next two years is to make sure all the 47 counties deal with KLB under Government-to-Government Procurement arrangements where we negotiate directly at reasonable prices,” said the Managing Director.

Nandi Governor Stephen Sang noted that the training will equip teachers with skills to ease their work.

Sang noted that his administration will work with the Department of Education and see how they can centralize the trainings to Sub County level.

“As a government we will ensure we better the environment you are serving in and improve your Terms of service,” he said.

KLB National Assistant Sales Marketing Manager Justine Koech said Nandi County procured a success product known as Skill grow brand where KLB in line with CBC curriculum released for every activity.

“We take pride as an organization that we have been able to meet the teaching and learning needs of children and also the training need of teachers through the skill grow brand.

By Linet Wafula

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