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KNCCI officials promise to revitalize businesses in Murang’a

Newly elected officials of Kenya National Chambers of Commerce and Industry (KNCCI) Murang’a Chapter have promised to work towards creating a conducive business environment in the county.

The officials led by their chairperson Naomi Kagone regretted that the businesses climate in the county had deteriorated compared to previous years.

Kagone was addressing a press briefing after she was elected unopposed during last Friday’s polls adding that she would work closely with the devolved government in creating policies and guidelines which will favour the business community.

She noted that good working relations with the county government would ensure the traders do their businesses without interruption and have the needed facilities to boost the work.

“As Murang’a chapter, we are committed to lobby for a conducive business environment by having in place policies and regulations that will benefit our members. In the 1990s, Murang’a contributed well to the country’s economy. The business we are doing well and our aim is to make the county a business friendly destination,” she added.

The chairperson said together with the other nine directors who were elected, they would conduct training and mentorship programmes to business people so as to enable them get skills on doing successful businesses.

“One important thing is training and doing mentorship as we also network with other countries and international traders that our people do well in whatever ventures they invest in,” observed Kagone.

She promised her leadership would be characterized by transparency, inclusivity and collaboration calling those who were yet to join the KNCCI to register as members.

“To move together we want all business people in this county to register as members of KNCCI. Currently in Murang’a we have 650 members yet there are more than 200, 000 business people. The KNCCI will devolve its function by opening offices at Sub County and ward levels. The offices will ensure our members can access our services easily,” she asserted.

Speaking during the same occasion, Murang’a deputy governor Mr. Stephen Munanie promised that the county administration will work closely with the KNCCI officials towards improving investments in the county.

He observed they have allocated Sh250 million to spur industrialization in the county saying a similar amount has been promised by the national government.

“The county government cannot achieve much when it comes to investments. We will work with you by providing policies, land among other necessities which will see a conducive environment of doing business in Murang’a,” he added.

Chairman of Independent Election Board of KNCCI Benjamin Onkobi lauded Murang’a business community for conducting peaceful elections.

Onkobi called the newly elected officials to work hand in hand with the county government in supporting enterprises of the business community.

“The county governments should know that KNCCI is not their opponent. We are there to work with them and ensure our businesses are protected since we give a lot of revenue to the devolved units,” said Onkoba.

He further called politicians to shun unnecessary demonstrations which he claimed were greatly affecting many businesses especially in Nairobi.

“Let the leaders agree and discuss without interrupting businesses. Demonstrations are negatively affecting the business people,” he said while urging the other counties to conduct peaceful elections of other KNCCI officials.

Elections of KNCCI officials at county levels kicked off on Saturday and were expected to end on May 26. The national elections will be held on June 6.

By Bernard Munyao

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