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Korane seeks elders’ support to run for a second term

Garissa Governor Ali Korane is seeking elders’ nod to run for a second term.

Korane met with elders from Abduwaq and Aulihan Sub-clans over the weekend in a move to seek their support.

Korane outlined his achievements ranging from infrastructural development, job creation and empowering youth, women, elders and religious leaders said that he needed a second term to complete the projects.

The Governor is said to have met the elders of Awlihan Sub-clan to brief them on the development record of his administration, generate community feedback and reinforce community participatory development as a way of giving all communities a say in the devolved governance of the county.

Garissa politics is largely controlled by elders from different clans who play a major role on who gets elected.

After taking office in 2017, Korane agreed with elders to divide top positions in the county to different clans. The county assembly speaker, the county secretary and the chairperson of the county public service board came from different clans.

The Governor alleged that no one would guarantee to address the expectation of every individual but adding he tried his best in his four years in office and was set to achieve more given another chance.

“Last time I was nominated through unanimous decision that was an embodiment of strength, hope and aspiration for all. I have much respect for unity of purpose,” said the Governor.

By Erick Kyalo

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