Ksh 2million for tertiary institutions programme in Kajiado

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Over 2000 students in Kajiado North constituency have benefited from the national government constituency development fund (NG-CDF) bursaries for tertiary institutions.


A total of Sh2 million has been disbursed to learning institutions in the ongoing tertiary bursaries disbursement programme.


Kajiado North Member Of Parliament Joseph Manje has emphasized the importance of education for the development of the community. He said the bursaries programme has contributed to100 percent transition of students in school by reducing the number of children who drop out because of lack of school fees.


“Education is the greatest gift any parent can give to a child to prepare them for life as an adult. We have prioritized education in Kajiado North constituency. Education helps to improve the economic status of an individual and contributes to the development of the community. In the past there were young girls employed as domestic workers but now they are in school,” said Manje.


The coordinator for the bursaries programme Peter Njoroge said students from vulnerable families have been identified through a vetting committee in each sub location. 


“We have identified the most vulnerable cases with help from a vetting committee in each sub-location consisting of a woman representative, chief, elders and a youth representative who know the people from respective areas,” Njoroge added.


An estimated Sh13 Million is disbursed to students from vulnerable families each financial year from Kajiado North NGCDF tertiary bursaries programme.

By Gworo Alice

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