KVDA brings relief to Samburu residents amidst biting drought

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The Kerio Valley Development Authority (KVDA) has funded the construction of two water pans and one borehole in Samburu West Sub County to cushion residents and their livestock from the ongoing drought.

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Speaking during the commissioning of the borehole in Lodokejek village, KVDA Managing Director (MD) Sammy Naporos said that the Sh60 million projects are long term measures against the biting water shortage in the area.

He said that the borehole which will pump water via solar power will provide immediate water to schools and residents while the water pans with a capacity of 40,000 cubic meters each will harvest runoff water once the rains come and the water will sustain the community for both domestic and livestock.

“Upon completion the borehole and the two water pans will serve about 1,200 households and 100,000 livestock and an unknown number of wild animals which have also been severely affected by drought,” Naporos said.

At the same time, the MD encouraged residents to use the water to start kitchen gardens and plant vegetables to make their households food secure.

He added that KVDA has various drought mitigation initiatives in Samburu County such as pasture development to support livestock keepers which accounts for 80 per cent of the county’s economic activity and also promoting small stocks which is mainly bee keeping to enable farmers to rely on income from beekeeping whenever there is drought.

Mary Lolmuleti, a resident of Longorate village welcomed the projects saying the water pan constructed in the area will attract those who migrated a few years ago in search of water.

“We used to travel for over 20 kilometers to fetch water so we decided to move from our land to move closer to water sources but I am now confident that everybody will come back because we have a permanent water source.” She said.

KVDA later donated 40 bags of maize to be distributed to schools within Lodokejek area.

Also in attendance during the commissioning of the borehole was Samburu Woman Representative Pauline Lenguris and KVDA chairman Mark Chesergon.

By Robert Githu

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