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Kwale county government launches energy-saving jikos

The  Kwale county government has launched energy saving jikos dubbed ‘rocket jikos’ to help improve livelihoods and conserve the environment.

The  Deputy Governor, Fatuma  Achani  said the energy saving innovation will in the long run help curb health problems and deforestation associated with traditional sources of energy.

Achani said the energy efficiency is meant to generate substantial financial savings for the residents while simultaneously improving the quality of the environment.

“The environmental-friendly jikos use less firewood compared to the local jikos hence will boost efforts in conserving the environment,” she noted.

Achani observed that women and girls usually spend long hours fetching firewood and cooking over smoky-flames placing them at a higher risk of developing health complications.

The  energy-saving jikos will be distributed to the beneficiaries through the department of environment and natural resources and will be for those residents who have for decades relied on traditional open flames that consume lots of firewood that emit plenty of smoke.

“The modern energy-saving jikos are safer to use because they reduce chances of accidental spills and fire incidents,” she said.

According to the deputy governor, the jikos are affordable and convenient because they are designed with twin burners hence one can cook two different sets of dishes at the same time.

Achani said the energy project is mainly targeting women, youth and people with disabilities spread across the 20 wards of the coastal county to ensure they get access to clean cooking solutions.

She said the fuel-saving jikos are improving lives of the local communities by conserving the environment, using less firewood, reduced air pollution and efficient in cooking.

They are being constructed for beneficiaries by masons hired by the department of environment and natural resources.

By  Hussein Abdullahi

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