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Kwale county government launches rural road constructions

The Kwale county government has launched several road constructions projects in a bid to create more access to rural and remote corners of the coastal county.

Last week the county handed over 30 roads to contractors to open up areas in the four sub counties of Matuga, Msambweni, Lunga Lunga and Kinango at a cost of Sh.100 million.

The program includes new roads as well as refurbishing old ones and seeks to support the transportation of agricultural goods to markets in urban centres.

Six roads were opened in Lunga Lunga sub-county in the wards of Mwereni, Dzombo and Pongwe.

Three roads were opened in Msambweni sub-county, six in Matuga and 15 in the vast Kinango sub-county.

The wards that benefitted in Msambweni include Ramisi and Ukunda while in Matuga sub-county, Waa/Ngombeni, Tsimba, Kubo South and Bongwe/Gombato benefited.

In Kinango sub county Kasemeni, Mwavumbo, Kinango, Samburu-Chengoni, Mackinnon Road, Puma and Ndavaya wards benefited with 15 roads.

The County Executive for Roads and Infrastructure Hemed Mwabudzo, Chief Officer Ali Joto and other senior officials handed over sites at various areas.

“We are fulfilling pledges that area governor Salim Mvurya made to wananchi when he sought votes that they will initiate life-changing projects that include infrastructure. The county has to be opened up for trade, business and investment,” said Mwabudzo during a site handing over ceremony.

He said the devolved unit is determined to turn most rural roads into ‘passable and motorable’ to make it easier for farmers to transport their produce to the urban areas.

“The rural infrastructure upgrades will in the long run increase economic and commercial activities in both rural and urban area,” he noted on Sunday.

The roads and infrastructure executive said people can now access markets easily from their homes, access shopping centers, schools and places they wish to visit.

Mwabudzo said the administration of governor Mvurya is at the forefront in initiating and executing development projects that will have positive impact on residents across the coastal county.

He said other than the Elimu Ni Sasa bursary program where Sh.400 million is set aside annually to sponsor students to university colleges, national schools and county schools, big projects such as dams, health facilities, distribution of cows, goats and seeds to farmers, free ploughing, supply of water among others, have been initiated.

He said Kwale was ranked the second best performing devolved unit behind Kakamega County in the 2020 Infotrak survey and the best in education.

“We have an elaborate development plan for Kwale and we ask residents to continue to support us through this roadmap” he said.

by Hussein Abdullahi

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