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Kwale Governor appeals for religious tolerance, peaceful co-existence

Kwale Governor Fatuma Achani has appealed for continued religious tolerance, peace, unity and safety in the coastal county among the members of the public.

Governor Achani appealed for peaceful co-existence among followers of the Islamic and Christian faith and all tribes in the country and county to make it a better place to live in.

She reassured that her administration will continue to promote peaceful coexistence among the diverse people of the county irrespective of their religious and political differences.

Achani urged the people to consider the country’s’ interest before their own tribes’, political parties, faith groups’ and individuals’ interests.

“Now that we have come out of a high-stakes general election season, we need to embrace forgiveness, true love and reconciliation,” she said, adding that politicians should shun divisive tendencies and live in peace with each other.

She said the actualization of national unity and cohesion among the diverse Kenyan communities and faiths requires all hands to be on the deck.

“We have to give support to each other irrespective of political and religious differences so as to entrench national unity and cohesion,” she said, adding that there is greater strength in diversity.

Governor Achani said this after attending thanksgiving church services at the Redeemed Gospel Church and later at the Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK) in Ukunda Township.

“My administration will continue to push for peaceful coexistence and religious tolerance among the people of different faiths,” she said.

The county boss said it’s only through peaceful coexistence that the devolved unit can make strides in the improvement of basic service deliveries including better health services, water provisions and good infrastructures for Wananchi.

She said that having sworn to protect the provisions of the constitution of the country she will continue to treat Wananchi equally devoid of religious sentiments.

She called on religious leaders to always preach peace and unity as well as tolerance among their adherents for people to appreciate and respect one another.

“We should actually use religion as a tool to promote peaceful co-existence and not a divisive entity,” she said.

By Hussein Abdullahi

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