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Kwale nominated MCA charged with creating disturbance in court

A Kwale County Nominated Member of the County Assembly (MCA) was Tuesday charged with causing a disturbance in court and fined Sh20, 000.
Ms. Sikukuuu Binti Pokea found herself on the wrong side of the law when she caused a scene at the Kwale law courts where she attended a traffic offence case against one of her Matatu drivers.
The MCA was on Tuesday, July 9, 2019 charged with showing disrespect to the court as well as malicious damage to court documents contrary to the penal code.
The presiding principal magistrate Patrick Wambugu sentenced the local leader who was convicted for creating disturbance in the court precincts while court sessions were in progress.
The MCA was in court to bail out her Matatu driver who had committed a traffic offence and fined Sh20, 000.
But when she went to the registry to pay the fine she insisted she heard the magistrate rule a fine was Sh10, 000 and not Sh20, 000 as indicated in court documents.
Confusion ensued between her and the court clerks upon which she tore the court documents into pieces in protest while shouting at the top of her voice bringing court business to a standstill.
Court orderlies and police officers whisked her away to the Kwale police station to record a statement and was later in the afternoon the same day brought to court to face charges of causing disturbances and destroying court committal warrants.
When she appeared before the principal magistrate she pleaded guilty and showed remorse for her abrupt and unaccountable actions blaming it on mood swings.
She, in the end, paid up Sh40, 000 for the traffic offence case and for creating a disturbance.

By Everlyne Mumo/Hussein Abdullahi

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