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Kwale residents protest against plans to impeach governor

A section of Kwale residents have protested against efforts by Members of the County Assembly (MCAs) to impeach Governor Salim Mvurya.
Mwavuumbo ward residents of Kinango Sub County said the plans by a section of the MCAs to remove the governor was a waste of time and focusing on the wrong subject and topics.
The residents who addressed the press on Saturday said the impending impeachment was nothing more than a political witch hunt that has absolutely no merit.
Led by community activist Salim Mwachidudu, the enraged residents said the two term governor has not committed any impeachable offences to warrant his removal from office.
Last week the regional assembly dealt the governor a blow after it rejected an allocation of Sh160 million for covid-19 relief food.
Instead, the assembly redirected the money to health services and spared the county executive a paltry Sh 5 million for the food vote in the changes to the supplementary budget proposed by the Mvurya administration.
On his part the governor accused the assembly of playing politics in the decision to slash the funds meant to buy food for vulnerable people left destitute by the covid-19 lockdown.
Mwachidudu said those pushing to punish the governor are leaders putting 2022 politics ahead of the interest of the residents by blocking efforts by the county to offer them relief food.
Speaker Sammy Ruwa who has been at loggerheads with the governor insists the supplementary budget was brought to the assembly ‘un-procedurally’.
Nyanje Jawa, a resident of Kalalani village said they will hold protests to force the MCAs to drop any attempts to impeach the governor whom he described as a man of the people.
A women grassroots leader, Bahati Nzioka said the governor has been working on the real issues that matter to the people since 2013 when he became the area’s first governor.
She said the governor has been developing all the corners of the county and does not deserve to be bundled out of office unceremoniously.
Nzioka said Mvurya will not stop his work of developing the county in his endeavor to make Kwale great in order to engage in useless politics with MCAs.
Esther Gacheri said the assembly is skirting around most pressing issues to the people and engaging in political trivialities during this time of health emergency.

By Hussein Abdullahi

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