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Kwale residents urged to uphold peace amid countrywide protests

Kwale Governor Ms. Fatuma Achani has called on the residents to uphold peace amid the countrywide opposition led street protests.

Achani said Kenyans should not forget that they live in a country that prides itself on its ability to resolve political, economic and social tensions peacefully. She appealed to the people to remain calm and not resort to violence over the calls for countrywide mass protests by opposition Chief Raila Odinga.

She said lengthy protests if not addressed quickly will have a devastating toll on the already battered national economy.

“Kenyans should give the national government time to work and deliver for the people. What it needs now is more time to pull the nation out of the deep end and not unrelenting street protests,” she said and called for an end to street protests in the country.

The county boss said every time Kenyans protest on the streets, the government loses a golden opportunity to attract foreign direct investments and fix the economy. She said it is high time Kenyans recognized that the country needs ‘our patience’ at this critical moment of economic hardships.

Achani said she was saddened by reports of violent protests in Nairobi and parts of the country, especially in the Nyanza region.

The Governor who was elected on a United Democratic Alliance (UDA) ticket in the August 2022 general elections said President William Ruto is making frantic efforts to resuscitate the economy and address the myriad challenges facing Kenyans.

“I call on Kenyans, especially the youth, to avoid the temptation to take the law into their own hands through destructive street protests,” she said.

She averred “destroying lives and properties will not solve the myriad problems facing Kenyans today”.

Achani thanked the people of Kwale for remaining peaceful and going about their daily activities since the opposition protests began last week in the capital city and other parts of the country.

By Hussein Abdullahi

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