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Laikipia farmers to receive subsidized fertilizer

Laikipia County Commissioner Joseph Kanyiri has warned fraudsters who have been swindling money from farmers by sending fake messages on the issue of subsidized fertilizers that they will be arrested and charged in court.

Speaking at Marmanet forest during the international day of forests, Kanyiri told the farmers to ignore the text messages that they have been receiving from the swindlers and instead wait for messages from the national government and announcements by local chiefs.

“We have been able to register 52,000 farmers who are set to benefit from this forum. We are urging our farmers to get the fertilizer from our National Cereal Board depot in the county and not from any other place as they have been informed from the fake text messages that have been circulating,” he said.

On the other hand, Laikipia Governor Joshua Irungu who was also present disclosed that the fertilizer has already been released by the National Government and is set to be distributed to various sub-locations in the county to the registered farmers.

“As we have been promising our farmers, we have finally pushed for the release of the fertilizer from the national government and it is already in Nyahururu. I want to assure our farmers that everyone is going to receive their portion and we are making plans on how the fertilizers will reach our farmers,” he said.

“We have received our first consignment of 2400 bags of fertilizers and the farmers that have received the message will get the fertilizer; our chiefs are on duty to make sure that the fertilizer is given to the right person as registered. We have made arrangements as the county government to ensure farmers from different sub-locations are going to access the fertilizer,” said Irungu, noting that the subsidized fertilizer is set to boost food production in the county.

The governor promised to liaise with the national government to ensure that farmers receive free fruit and tree seedlings.

He urged the farmers to plant tree and fruit seedlings during this rainy season in a bid to mitigate the effects of climatic change.

By Wangui Wambui

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