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Laikipia residents urged to intensify tree planting exercises

The Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) Principal Secretary Ms Silvia Museiya has called on Environmental stakeholders in Laikipia County to intensify their tree planting efforts in a bid to attaining the 15 Billion trees target.

In a speech read on her behalf by Secretary Administration from State Department of Wildlife John Chelimo, during a tree planting exercise at Laikipia Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre (CEDEC) in Nanyuki, she said that the government is committed to environmental conservation.

“Tree planting is not only a ritual but as a government, we are committed to increase the forest cover in this country as that is the only meaningful gift, we can bequeath the environment and our future generation,” said the PS.

She pointed out that efforts were on top gear to restore the ecosystems and mitigate the effects of climate change.

She noted that all government institutions, non-governmental and the general public were required to implement President Dr. William Ruto directive of “Adapt a tree” initiative, a move that will see the country achieve 30 percent forest cover by year 2030.

“Such practices to plant trees should be viewed with seriousness as it remains the cornerstone of preserving our country from environmental degradation,” said Ms Museiya.

The PS said that increased human activities had led to global warming and unpredictable weather patterns which had severely affected people, thus noting it was important to be good custodians on environmental protection.

“Rains hardly come in the right time-frame we expect them and the environmental order of things are not happening as expected. These misgivings should serve as a warning that we need to take care of our environment and plant trees,” she cautioned.

Laikipia East Assistant County Commissioner Ms Monica Muthoni decried that Laikipia County lagged behind on tree cover at 10.2 percent. On Forest cover, the county is at 8.9 percent.

Muthoni called on residents to take advantage of the ongoing rain to plant trees in homesteads and other private places to support the government in attaining the 30 percent target.

By Muturi Mwangi


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