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Laikipia Seals 40-megawatt solar power deal

Laikipia County government has entered into an agreement partnership with an energy company to put up a 40-megawatt generation solar power in Rumuruti Township.


Kenergy Renewables Company Chief Executive Officer Khilna Dodhia on Thursday signed a memorandum of understanding with Governor Ndiritu Muriithi at his Nanyuki office in order to commence the Sh. 6 billion project early next year.


Ms. Dodhia said that the construction of the solar energy plant will take 10 months to complete on a 300-acre piece of land provided by the county government and commence production immediately to supply clean energy to the national grid.


“We are pleased to work with the County government of Laikipia on this project following their undertaking that they will provide an investment-friendly framework,” Ms. Dodhia said.


She further revealed that her company would bear all the costs of the production while the county government will be required to provide the necessary support such as the acquisition of the needed permits for the energy plant.


“We shall also be able to provide 100 direct jobs to local residents when putting up the solar energy plant and once complete a further 20 people will be employed to operate the facility,” Ms. Dodhia added.


Governor Muriithi noted that the project would be significant for the county in the provision of clean energy as the country steers to move away from thermal energy plants that mainly rely on diesel-powered engines that not only environmentally unfriendly but also expensive to run thus making power costs go high.


The governor further noted that Laikipia was uniquely situated along the equator thus very ideal for the project due to availability of sunshine throughout the year.


“We have committed ourselves as a government to be useful to investors by adding value to the investment processes to the fulfillment of those who seek to establish businesses in Laikipia,” Governor Muriithi said.


The project is being developed under the ministry of Energy and Petroleum Feed-in Tariff Regime and Kenergy Renewables Company has entered into a 20-year Power Purchase Agreement with Kenya Power to purchase the electricity generated.


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