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Lamu voters send packing 7 MCAs

Voters in Lamu County sent home seven Members of the County Assembly (MCAs) with only three Ward Representatives retaining their seats to serve in the county’s third Assembly.

In an election that saw Jubilee lose its majority grip in the County Assembly, the ANC and Safina Party, were able to get two MCAs each with no clear majority, ahead of the swearing in Ceremony expected later this month.

Those who were able to retain their seats include Shela Ward MCA Azhar Ali Mbarak of ODM, Hongwe Ward MCA Paul Kimani of Safina Party and Barisa Deko who won on a PDU party ticket, despite previously running and winning on a ANC ticket in the 2017 election.

New entrants include Shekhuna Abass Shekhuna who won the Mkomani Ward seat on an ANC ticket, Hindi Ward’s James Njaaga of Safina Party, Hongwe Ward’s John Mburu who won on a ANC ticket, Witu’s Suleiman Farah of PNU, Kiunga’s Bwana Mohammed of Upya Party, Hindi Ward’s James Njaaga who won on a Safina ticket and Bahari Ward’s Francis Gakonga who won on a NARC-K ticket.

The electorate, however, did not vote on any women leaders in this election unlike in the 2017 race in which Anab Mohammed won the Hindi Ward seat on a Jubilee ticket.

The Lamu County Assembly, however, is likely to nominate six to eight MCAs of which majority positions, will go to women and person’s living with disability.

Lamu County Governor, Issa Timamy, has however stated that he is optimistic over working with the new County Assembly, adding that he will lead the push to pass Bills that will improve the welfare of Lamu residents.

The incoming Lamu Governor in his previous tenure in 2013 to 2017 had survived an impeachment scare, after members of the first County Assembly brought to the floor a Bill seeking to impeach him.

The new County Assembly set-up is likely to up the stakes in the push to nominate a new Speaker with seasoned Lamu politicians eyeing the County Assembly Speaker seat.

Those expected to be in the running, include former two term MCA, Salim Abdulsaid and outgoing Speaker, Abdul Kassim.

By Amenya Ochieng

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