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Lamu Youths Urged to Form  Groups For Funding

Lamu East youths have been urged to form self-help groups in a bid to qualify for loans and grants that would enable them achieve self-employment

Lamu East MP Athman Sharriff made these sentiments as he distributed Kshs 100,000 worth of stationery and equipment to Faza action Youth Group in a bid to support youths in Faza area develop socioeconomic opportunities and promote self-reliance.

Speaking to 100 Faza Action Youth Group in Faza Island today members the legislator lauded the youths in their  efforts to establish the grouo aimed at establishing affirmative action opportunities for youths especially in marginalised areas such as Faza, Pate and Kizingitini.

He further urged the youths to align themselves with beneficial opportunities such as Uwezo Fund in a bid to get financial grants to grow their own businesses rather than get consumed in vices such as relivious extremism, drug abuse and crime.

Lamu East MP Athman Sharriff addressing Faza Action Youth Group members in Faza Island as he distributed Kshs 100,000 worth of stationery and equipment to enable them set office for the self help group.

“I would urge youths to grab opportunities as they come particularly those provided by the government like Free TVET education, Uwezo Fund grants, and group business loans,”Sharriff stated.

He also advised the youths to steer away from non-beneficial ventures adding that it is only through innovation and by them being proactive in their day to day lives can the future of marginalised communities such as Faza grow.

“I would urge leaders to provide youths with initiatives that are beneficial to them such as the county government’s move to make TVET learning free of charge in Lamu as well as the scholarship and bursaries fund that has grown considerably through the years,” SHarriff said.

Speaking separately to KNA over youth funding in Lamu, Education and Gender CEC Paul Thairu said that the county government has set aside atleast Kshs 13 million aimed at providing grants to youth and women groups to establish their businesses.

He added that the fund has been made available following the county government’s free TVET learning policy aimed at promoting self-employment among youths in the county.

By Amenya Ochieng


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