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Launch of All for Justice Phase II and Malalamishi System

The Director of the Office of Public prosecution (ODPP) Noordin Haji on Monday launched the All for Justice Phase Two Project of public prosecution aimed at building success of ‘All for Justice phase one’ which entails reduction in case backlog and decongestion of prisons.

“As we launch the second phase, we are also proud to launch the Malalamishi complaints and case review system which was wholly developed internally by the ODPP ICT department and young ICT officers, which is a realization of the ODPP’s commitment to inculcate transparency, professionalism, accountability and integrity in our service delivery,” Haji remarked.

He added that the system consists of two modules which entails complaints management and case review management that gives the public an opportunity to provide feedback on matters handled by the ODPP.

The system is both digital where it could be accessed through online platforms as well as manual format. It is also available in Kiswahili.

Haji further disclosed that the All for Justice Project and Malalamishi system underscores their commitment to ensuring “mashtaka yenye haki na usawa” which addresses the needs and concerns of citizens regarding ongoing cases.

“Pressing issue of prisons overcrowding demands urgent and effective mitigation measures. The ODPP has reviewed files from Nairobi Remand prisons, Makadara, Kiambu, Milimani, Kibera, Ng’ong and JKIA court stations,” Haji stated.

“ODPP has availed a team of prosecutors to meet with the remandees to determine the way forward in the resolution of the cases hearing with Makadara leading with the highest number of files. The files reviewed revealed that robbery with violence constitutes the most prevalent offence, followed by murder and lastly defilement,” Haji remarked.

“ODPP will engage with criminal justice stakeholders to facilitate resolutions to pending cases throughout the country. It will conduct research and strategies both in mitigation of its crime and justice system. The success of the All for Justice Program necessitates and enhances collaboration amongst all stakeholders,” said Haji.

Speaking at the event, Law Society of Kenya Chairman Erick Theuri said that they are committed to working with ODPP and all the relevant stakeholders to achieve their objective of the All for Justice Phase two projects.

Theuri added that Kenyans needed to move from previous crime practices and adopt progressive procedures to reduce the number of those held in pre-detention trials.

Public Prosecution Secretary Dorcus Oduor stated that the rule of law could be achieved through access to justice which requires people who are going through criminal charges to be well represented with equity and equality, have efficient correctional systems and preservation of independent institutions.

“The objective of the ODPP includes; fair representation, fairness to young people, classification of cases and the quality of the cases taken,” Oduor reiterated.

By Susan Gichanja and Peace Muthoka


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