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Leader Wants Cash Transfer for the Elderly Retained

Kilifi north member of parliament Owen Baya has urged the national government not to phase out cash transfer for the elderly persons, those with physical disabilities and Kazi Mtaani programmes.

He said following the collapse of the tourism sector in Kilifi, phasing out the programmes would leave most households in the area most vulnerable as they depended on those working in the tourism industry for their livelihoods.

He told the parliamentary committee on Labour and social welfare which was on a fact finding mission in Kilifi town Monday that most families would be at risk of starvation if the programmes were to be stopped.

“Everything in Kilifi is greatly dependent on tourism and most people lost their jobs following the COVID 19 scourge. Stopping the funds without reviving the sector will make life even harder for us,” he said.

On his part, parliamentary committee on Labour and Social Welfare chair Limuru MP Peter Mwathi said it would be unfair to scrap off the programmes at once without well thought out alternatives since some areas had been adversely affected than others.

“Some counties were able to sustain themselves during the lockdowns while others suffered. We need to have methodical approach to how we are going to sustain those vulnerable households,” he said.

The government had released a whopping Sh 324 billion for the nationwide Cash Stipend Support Programme which saw a total of 14,752 exposed households in Kilifi benefit.


By Harrison Yeri



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