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Leaders call for fencing off of forests

Leaders in Elgeyo Marakwet County have recommended fencing off of all forests to prevent further encroachment and illegal logging following alarming reports on the destruction of forests

During a meeting held at Kapsowar town to address insecurity and environmental degradation, the leaders called on donors to assist in saving natural forests which are major water catchment areas for rivers flowing into lakes.

The leaders noted that fencing off forests would ensure their sustainable use and rejuvenation.

The leaders also blamed locals for colluding with unscrupulous businessmen including some government officers to harvest rare and endangered indigenous tree species.

During the meeting, Marakwet West Deputy County Commissioner (DCC), Mathias Chishambo thanked civic leaders in the region for coming out strongly to condemn the illegal logging and urged them to encourage the residents to engage in other income-generating activities and avoid charcoal burning and wood lumbering.

He observed that the current ban on harvesting trees from natural forests has greatly improved the forest cover in the region and if the trend continues the natural forest cover will be restored.

He promised that government officers involved in any form of corruption will not be tolerated. He urged all officers to work hard to uplift the economic and social standards of residents of the sub-county.

By Rennish Okong’o

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