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Leaders Call for Peace

Leaders in Nakuru have continued to call for peaceful coexistence among communities living in the County, even as the world commemorated World Peace Day Thursday.

Led by the county women representative Liz Chelule, the leaders noted that peace was a key factor to development, urging the leaders in the opposition to positively criticize the government and desist from dividing Kenyans.

Chelule called for residents of the cosmopolitan Nakuru to pursue their livelihoods without fear of victimization, calling for cohesion as the country’s leadership worked on stabilizing the economy.

“Our leaders need to respect each other and everyone should be allowed to serve this country without being stigmatized on political lines. We have all communities in Kenya living here in Nakuru and there is a need for us to live in peace,” she added.

Her Nairobi Counterpart, Esther Passaris, who was the chief Guest during a Bursary distribution exercise by the National Government Affirmative Action Fund (NGAAF) in Nakuru City called for a united country.

“We want the bipartisan talks to be done and concluded well as a way of uniting this country. We don’t want bad politics, let’s sit together as Kenyans. Even in opposition, we have to support the government as we positively criticize their work,” she added, rallying support behind President William Ruto’s administration.

Passaris cited the escalating cost of living, arguing that with proper collaboration and sharing of knowledge, the country was better placed to cushion the citizens against rising inflation.

“It’s a pity that diesel is higher than petrol, yet most public service vehicles use diesel. We have no control over the prices for now, but with collaboration and sharing information, we will see how to harmonize the cost of living with the current economic situation in the country.

“The international community is mistaken to think that Ruto is loved outside Kenya, more than we do here. We are behind him 100 percent and we believe that his leadership will lead this country in the right direction,” added the Nairobi women’s representative.

The Nakuru NGAAF, patronized by Chelule, distributed bursary kits, washing machines, tents and incubators to various self-help groups to help them boost their business ventures.

The leaders regretted that the NGAAF kitty was underfunded, yet it served a larger geographical location compared to the National Government Constituency Development Fund and the Ward Bursary Kitties.

“We are only allocated Sh.3 billion as NGAAF across the county, which leaves us with about Sh1.2 million a year, that is hardly enough for us to traverse the county. Our salaries are also equal to those of other legislators who only represent a constituency,” decried Passaris.

By Anne Sabuni

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